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When you need heating and air conditioning from a company you can trust, Tillery Heating and Air Conditioning is the answer. As your neighbor in the greater River Region around Montgomery and Elmore County, Alabama, we understand that homes in this area are heavily dependent on their HVAC systems to operate properly regardless if it is very hot or cold outside, to safeguard from medical emergencies.

• Repair or replace existing systems
• Clean and maintain units
• Seasonal protection plans

Experienced Professionals

When you choose Tillery, you are hiring a team of professionals that have over four decades in the HVAC business. In other words, we have seen it all before. This lifetime of experience has taught us how to properly identify HVAC problems and safely and efficiently fix the issue.

HVAC System Evaluation

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We work hard to make sure our customers are receiving top performance from their HVAC equipment. This includes stopping by to evaluate your existing equipment for potential problems prior to any new installation or repair job, and then as a follow up afterwards. This process allows us to scientifically measure and analyze the system to help us pinpoint problems which could be costing you money.

• Discuss issues that you have noticed in the past
• Detailed examination of all equipment
• Written estimate of repairs or maintenance

Tillery Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing excellent heating and air conditioning service and installing the best equipment to the Montgomery, AL and River Region area since 1974. We specialize in installation of new systems and replacement of older or inefficient heating and air conditioning systems, and our staff offers quality and reliable name brand systems that you can count on.

Affordable HVAC Services in the Montgomery Area

For Dependability, Call Tillery

Our HVAC services are also very affordable.

Are you interested in ideas to make your house more energy effecient and you do not know where to get started? From high-tech to good old-fashioned window AC units, we are always ready to serve our customers in a way that is friendly for their budget. To find out more information, call us today and schedule an appointment.

When New Equipment is Necessary

outside-unitWe understand that repairing an older unit may not be the most cost effective way to get your system back to life for the long term. If repairing an older unit is the choice, we use high quality, value priced components. When replacing a system is an option to consider, we offer a range of products. From the standard efficiency models to some of the most efficient models available, we can offer a home comfort system just right for your family and your budget.

In addition, we can perform several services, such as:

• Replacing the compressor unit that sits on the exterior of your home
• Install and improve hoses and electrical issues including keeping the unit from flipping the breaker in the circuit box
• Removing the entire indoor unit and replacing it

Our Everyday Services

furnace-cleaningThe old saying “an ounce of prevention is a worth a pound of cure” is as applicable to your heating and air conditioning as it is to your own health. Our Tillery Season Guard maintenance agreement is just what the doctor ordered. TSG customers receive a check up in the Spring and a check-up in the Fall to keep the systems in tip-top operating shape. Season Guard customers enjoy the benefits of priority service and discounts on repairs that may arise from time to time.

Other maintenance and inspection services we provide are as follows.

• Cleaning the unit, vents and ducts of debris
• Checking refrigerant levels
• Checking motors
• Monitoring gas lines for heating

We work with you.

Although replacing your HVAC system will need to happen eventually, we attempt to soften the financial blow by helping you find a specific unit that will work with your budget. We are also more than happy to help you with a payment plan or other financial option. We know having a comfortable home is what you need, and we are pleased to help you keep your thermostat exactly where you want it.

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Our Promise to You

We strive to provide the best possible heating and air conditioning service and back that by offering some of the strongest warranties In the industry.